3+ Things you must know about Iron Fence maintenance

To protect the house iron fence still required maintenance, so that the fence of the house can protect our house will be interference from outside our home area and last longer and always unsightly. Here are some tips you can do to care for a house fence made of iron or steel. Meanwhile, check out the trusted fence repair as well.

1. Clean the rust on the house fence

Clean the rust on the fence using a rough textured cloth, because the coarse texture of the lap will make it easier to remove the rust on the iron railing. Provide more than one type of cloth so that when the cloth is very dirty, you can replace it with a clean cloth, which is coarse as well.

2. Avoid the Causes of Rust

After cleaning the house iron railings, we usually know why the iron railing can rust. Rust or corrosion usually occurs on fences made of iron or certain metals. Exposed splashing water, splashing rainwater that is not immediately dry can make a rusty iron fence rusty. Even sunlight causes oxidation and there are holes in some parts of the fence.

3. Repaint the Fence

Paint the home fence is the last solution of taking care of the home iron railing. Changes in the weather, especially during the dry season during the day with the scorching sun can make the paint on the iron fence layer easy to peel. If the paint on the fence is peeling then the iron that became the base material of the fence will be more easily rusted. here are tips for treating the fence by repainting for the fence of the house or property is durable and look new again if viewed:

Clean the surface of the iron railing from the old paint. This is done so that the painting is not wavy.

Before painting, seal the iron fence with the base paint. Choose alkali-resistant base paint to make painting easy to dry.

Mix the tinner into the paint to taste. In order to paint the perfect cover, do not mix too much thinner.

Start painting using a brush. If there are brush lines when painting, replace the brush with a new one. And repaint the stripped parts.

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