Choosing the right detergent for washing your sofa

You can buy cloth sofa cleaners from household utensils or supermarkets. In addition to ready-to-use products, you can also take advantage of the following ingredients that deliver no less net results than ready-to-use products. However, if you want your sofa to be cleaned by using the commercial grade detergent, we recommend you to call the upholstery cleaning Sydney instead.

Soft liquid detergent. Mix a little detergent with warm water, stir well to produce an abundant foam.

Vinegar. This material can be a cleaning liquid which is suitable for the sofa, and it removes the stains on its wrapping cloth. After using vinegar, rinse the sofa surface intensively with soapy water. Open the window or turn on the fan to reduce the intensity of the stinging vinegar.

Wet wipes you can use to wipe the dirty sofa sheet. Gentle content will not damage the sofa cover. While the texture is dry enough do not risk making the sofa couch too wet.

Any material or product you choose, test it first in a small subcategory and follow the relevant product’s use rules.

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