Determining the Right Building Foundation Type

The strength and strength of a building lie in its foundation. Foundation building is the most important part. Many are not paying attention to the structure and quality of the foundation, making the quality of the building also becomes not maximal. If you want your building to stand strong for tens of years, then pay attention to the quality of the foundation. You can visit Victoria TX foundation repair if you have any problem with it.

The foundation is a part of building construction that serves to place the building and forward the load that is channeled from the upper structure to the ground base is strong enough to hold it. The foundation is the main part of a building, without a solid foundation the building will not be strong and unsafe to be occupied.

Every construction of a house does not mean to have the same type or type of foundation, you need to choose the type of foundation or type of foundation that is appropriate and suitable for your building, for example, the foundation of 2-story house depth or type of foundation used for 3-story building.

In determining the type of building a foundation there are several things that must be considered and considered include:

– A number of floors to be built, for example:
In a simple building or 1-story house can be used shallow foundation is the foundation of stone times or palms but if the building stands on soft ground it would be nice and safe if the foundation is placed on solid ground / can be used foundation Strauss pile with a depth of 3 meters.

– Type of soil around, it is necessary to know about the condition of soil resistance to the load. If the soft soil conditions which mean have a very low carrying capacity, the foundation of the building must be planned specifically for the stability of the foundation.

– The location around the project, the project plan is in densely populated areas and access roads narrow road, this also must be considered because it is not possible if the location is in place is done with heavy equipment that can disrupt the local environment.

– Time and cost of foundation work, Each type of foundation amount of cost and length of work is different, for example, for example, a 3-story house foundation with plans to use deep foundation up to a depth of 9 meters with a foundation diameter of 30 cm.

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