Choosing an international school for your kids

A school with IB certificate (International Baccalaureate) is an international education foundation headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and was established in 1968. The foundation developed a diploma program that will make it easier for students to be admitted to college in any country. Meanwhile, you may go and check out Ascot International School if you want to know more about one of the best international schools for your children.

IB Foundation is divided into 5 areas:

• IB North America
• IB Africa
• European IB
• Middle East IB
• IB Asia Pacific

IB Curriculum:
– IB Primary program (age 3 – 12 years). The program is designed to develop all aspects of the child and encourage children to actively learn. Teaches 6 areas of study, namely language, social studies, mathematics, art, science, and physical education

– IB Middle years program (ages 11 – 16 years). Designed to help children discover a sense of belonging to the world, the things that are interconnected in the world with a positive attitude of learning. Teaches 8 areas of study, ie mother tongue, second language, humanities, science, mathematics, art, physical education, and technology

– IB Diploma program (16 – 19 years of age). Designed to prepare students aged 16-19 years to successfully enter universities abroad. The Diploma program is awarded for two years and has gained recognition from world-renowned universities.

There are 6 areas of courses and exams that students must complete obtaining the IB diploma, ie creativity, action, service (active compulsory learning through experience of doing real work outside the classroom), extended essays (students must do independent research on the subjects studied) theory of knowledge (a field of study designed to enhance the ability of reflection on natural knowledge and critically examine different areas of understanding: perception, emotion, language, and conclusion), and different types of knowledge (scientific, artistic, mathematical and historical)

Characteristic of school:
• Implementing an international curriculum.
• Provide education for children aged 3 – 19 years

Make it easier for children to enter universities abroad

The diploma will not be used if the child continues higher education in the country.