Watch The Three Major Steps In Cleaning The Car Here

Many people think that car washing is an easy activity to do. When actually washing the car cannot be done carelessly because it will hurt the car and make the car body become blisters. So, now you can entrust your car in auto detailing san diego so you can get a car with a clean slate and no dirt at all.

In addition, the step in the car wash you should also consider because if there is something wrong and not in accordance with the recommended steps then the condition of your car will not be better. Some steps you can apply in car washing is

1. Spray the car body
Car wash activity begins by spraying clean water to all parts of the body using a water hose. This water spray aims to clean the remnants of chlorine and chemicals that have the potential to damage the paint as well as wetting the entire car body. But do not forget, close the windows and doors tightly so the water does not seep into the interior. When spraying must be differentiated by water pressure. When will clean under the car, set the spray with a fairly firm pressure? The goal, so that the dirt that has been long enough to stick can fall easily.

2. Clean the car tires and the bottom of the car first
Washing the right car is a way to clean the wheel and under the first because this is the dirtiest part. No wonder because this part is closest to the asphalt and susceptible to mud splashes. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a coir brush to keep dirt easily removed.

3. Wipe from top to bottom
After cleaning the bottom, now it’s time to lather the entire car body. The correct step when swabbing soap is from top to bottom. The goal, so that the body of a clean car is not exposed to dirt.
While wiping, do this step by rotating. Wipe the body with a pressure that is not large so as not to scratch the paint. It aims to no longer leave soap foam on the body that has been clean.