Not Always Chemicals, These Some Basic Ingredients Of Cuisine That Can Evict Rats

Rats do become very fearful animals by many people. Many people want to get rid of mice immediately if there is a rat in their home. You can also use the best rat poisons to catch the mice so there will be no more rats in your house. As a pest that annoys and brings many diseases. Mice must be expelled and destroyed in order not to bring other bad effects.

If you are a little afraid to use various chemicals to repel these mice, then there are some basic ingredients of food that you can use to eradicate the rats in your home. Some of these materials are

 – Pepper
You just have to prepare the pepper and sprinkle it in the place of the mouse there. It is known that mice do not like the aroma and spicy flavor of pepper or pepper. So, this way can be one alternative that is very easy and cheap to drive rats.

– Betel leaf
Sirihi leaf does have many benefits, one of which is able to drive out rat sucks. You can squeeze betel leaves until wilted and spread around the room that would be passed by the mouse. mice hate the smell of betel leaves that sting because it can make it reluctant to pass through the area, especially in the kitchen.

– Bay leaf
Fragrant bay leaves that for humans are fragrant but not for mice. Sliced ??bay leaves can also remove rats from your house. You just need to slice the bay leaves thin and place it in a place that is often passed by rats. When it is dry, then immediately replace the new one so fragrance remains.

– Noni
With a single noni alone, rats will not dare to just cut the noni and put in place that is often visited by rats. Because of the shape and the smell of the noni fruit that can interfere with the smell so that mice will not dare through the area that has Mother sprinkle the pieces of noni.