Problems on Wood Floor To Look For

We all already know the advantages and benefits of using wooden flooring. But there are issues that must be considered before you install wood flooring at home, office and so forth. Some building owners rarely pay attention to this, therefore we as experts from will inform you about the problems of wooden floor and are willing to do the repair if there is a problem on your wooden floor. Here’s what you should look for; The wooden floor should be mounted on a flat plane and it would be better if the field has a slight depth of about 3-5 mm and wider than 1 square meter. Make sure the wood floors do not experience extreme weather changes too continuously because the nature of wood that can shrink and expand the weather changes that are too extreme can cause problems on wood floors later in the day such as screeching floors, sounds, and so forth.

If you want your wooden floor to be durable and durable from the fungus, then it would be better if you do a humidity test in a place where you will install the wooden floor. In general, a good moisture level for wooden flooring is 40 – 60%. To reach these levels you can use an air conditioner to reduce humidity otherwise you can use a humidifier to increase moisture. Experienced installers will usually do this when installing hardwood floors. The goal is to allow the wood to adjust to the temperature and humidity at the installation site. If the floor creaks, the sign is the wood does not stick perfectly, causing friction with floor fasteners (staplers, nails, etc.).

If the floor crackles, then it’s a sign of the location of the wood floor is installed not enough moisture. So that the core layer of wood is damaged. The solution, you must re-increase the humidity in the room. Similarly, the problem you should consider if you want to install the wooden floor. Hopefully, this information is useful for your wood floor is always durable from damage.