The intention of a property exhibition and its stand layout

Before the exhibition progresses, it helps you to formulate what goals are the target of your developer company. Meanwhile, you might want to check out the reliable inflatable marquee for exhibitions as well.

The number one communication site in the UK, experts formulate five questions that can help you to formulate objectives, including:

– Does the exhibition have a good reputation? If yes, how many times this exhibition is implemented? And how many visitors came in the previous year?
– Mention the market leader of the upcoming property market or participate in the exhibition?
– Are there a media coming to cover? How much amount of media will come, and what media segmentation is relevant enough to your product?
– Which products do you want to introduce only? Which products will be sold quickly?
– Notice the location of the operation, is it in a big city, or in a buffer city? Will this question help you to determine the amount of your target market?

From these five questions, you will know the specific objectives, and you can immediately specify the target number of visitors, visitors and prospects of buyers, visitors and buy directly, or investors.

Prepare layout stand

After knowing your objectives follow the exhibition property, you can immediately prepare the stand layout by selecting the stand unit of the floor plan available.

The stand position is the most sought after by participants, among others, front entrance, close to entertainment stage, side side, and center (island stand).

To create a layout stand, of course, you also have to prepare the budget. If you have more budget, you can get a stand design layout that is different from the standard stand.

However, if you have limited costs, you should also keep supporting items such as desks, brochures, bar stools, backdrop, lighting, banners, mockups, portfolios and business cards.

Although small, try to keep your booth not crowded and messy. The size of the table and chairs should not be too large so eat half of the front of the stand.

Backdrop installation should contain property products that you want to sell. Include also location, pricing information, access to transportation, and ease of payment. This makes the visitor instantly get the basic information needed.