Things you must do if your pictures can’t stay straight on the wall!

Sometimes, when you just bought a home, you do not know about the real condition of the house. You just bought a home for staying inside, take a look for a while then, done, you will stay in your new home. After a few weeks or months later, the real condition of the building has been revealed. And you must prepare your self when finding the problems.

Usually, you will find a little crack behind the wall sticker or the cracking floor behind the luxurious carpet, and many more. This kind of problems must be annoying and make you stress a little bit. Especially, if your paintings can hang correctly on the wall and looks so weird up there. So, do not be panic and stress then, here we will tell you how to face the problems you have :

If your pictures can’t stay straight on the wall

1. Trying to patch the crack area
The first step to fix slab foundation is patching the cracking area whether on the floor, wall or in another part of your home. Patching the problem areas with concrete filler or something that you can make by yourself like the cement mixed with the glue. After you have prepared the filler, you have to clean the cracks areas first. Then, you can apply the filler on the cracks line to fill the cracks and close the gap between them.

After you are done with the patching, you have to let it dry and check whether the cracks have been perfect covered or not. You can add the filler layer if you feel that the filler cannot fix the slab foundation properly.

2. Doing the second way
We must have another tip to be done if the first tips did not work properly at the end. So, if the patching way does not work properly to fix slab foundation, you must do this second way. Then, calling the professional slab foundation repair for getting any help.

Because you are not a professional one to fix slab foundation, there is nothing wrong to call the best foundation repair. The trusted one is the Sherman Foundation Repair which has many customers because of their best services. So, you just have to click on and get everything clear!

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